The one thing you need to do TODAY to live a better life.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with life? Inadequate? Like a failure?  It’s hard not to feel that way especially when your life may not be taking you in the direction you had hoped. We all have an idea of a fantasy and fairy tale life. Very quickly we learn that this is not the case. But, no matter what our circumstances, we can choose to “react” or “respond” to them.

We need to learn to respond, rather than react. Think about it, when your doctor prescribes you a medication, you want your body to “respond” to the medication.  If it “reacts” to it, then you have a problem. When faced with a trial or difficult situation, we must always be IN CONTROL of how we handle it, rather than letting circumstances or other people control us.

This may seem like a difficult…or seemingly impossible task depending on what trial we are faced with.  If you don’t like where you are, then something needs to change.   Change is a necessary challenge of life.  It affects our environments almost every day.  Weather, jobs, relationships and trials (including some health problems) are some of the things that change in our lives that we may not have any control over.  How we respond to these changes in our environments is what defines us.  This is the ONE thing you need to do TODAY…right now to live a better life.  CHANGE your attitude.


We all know this is not always an easy task.  But, even more difficult is trying to change someone else.  No matter how much you may want to change another person, you can’t.  If someone does not have the desire to change himself, no amount of influence or coercion from you will ever change them.  Change is something that cannot be forced upon someone.  It happens within.

So, whatever you do, put your FOCUS on yourself, and not on anyone else.  You CAN start to change YOU today .  Change yourself to become a person that others are inspired by.  Change yourself to motivate and encourage others to be better and to become their best.  Let go of negativity and envelop positivity.  Define these things about yourself, and rather than saying you WANT these things, start to tell yourself you ARE these things.

Maybe you have done things in your life that you are not proud of.  But, the beauty of change is that you don’t have to let your past dictate who you are today…or tomorrow.  So, even if yesterday, you were a negative person who was controlled by distractions, by other people, or by negativity and weakness…that was yesterday.  It’s in the past.  Today is a new day with absolutely no mistakes in it!  Decide today, that negativity is not going to be you.  Weakness is not going to define you anymore.

This will not be easy.  When you aim to change yourself, you will face extreme adversity.  You will have people telling you that you can’t, that you are crazy, that you will never change. The most difficult thing to do, is to not let those words stain your mind so that you begin to believe them.  Don’t let those words of negativity seep into your soul, because they become toxic and can begin to poison not only you…but those around you.

You have a choice today of what you are going to be, do and have, by what goes into your mind.  You have a journey ahead of you.  You may not know for sure what will happen TO you, but you can most certainly define what happens WITHIN you.  Make yourself a written statement that affirms WHO you are like this:


Do whatever necessary to get rid of that negativity.  Listen to positive motivational speakers or read personal development books.  Keep repeating  positive words and encouraging thoughts and don’t get down on yourself.  Celebrate whatever you DO get done each day and close the door on what you don’t. You won’t be perfect in one day.  But, you can keep working at it every day.

It’s time to stop focusing on your faults and start focusing on your dreams.  It’s time to stop regretting your past and start planning your future.  Though you can’t change your past or my circumstances, you can CHANGE your behavior, you can CHANGE your attitude, you can CHANGE YOU.



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