Mirror Mirror On The Wall

It happened for the first time when you were barely old enough to walk:

You stepped in front of a mirror or a window… you saw an image in the glass…And you recognized your own reflection looking back at you for the first time.
Though it might seem like a small accomplishment – and you probably have no memory of it…The moment you developed this simple ability to “see” yourself marked a defining moment in your life…

But what have you done with this moment since then.  When you pass a mirror are you always in a hurry?  Checking to see if you look good?  Putting on makeup to make you “better”?  Are you picking, poking and prodding at things?  Doubting your time, abilities, and self?

What do you say to yourself during this time, is it long and meaningful? Or short and hurried?  What things are you planting into your mind when it is seeing you?  Easily and accurately visualizing you?



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